MINIPLANE FR with flexible cage. Upgradeable with rigid cage

Carburator: Tillotson
Harnesses Model: Miniplane Standard
Size Harnesses ABM : Select
Throttle: Select
Reduction: Select
Size Cage Flex: Select
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The MINIPLANE FR ABM model with flexible cage, thanks to the shape, dimensions and improved aerodynamics guarantees great handling and an increase in performance compared to previous models.

The Flexible Cage mounted on MINIPLANE paramotors since the first machine, has always been appreciated for its simplicity of construction, with strong, lightweight components that allow for inexpensive repairs, a feature welcomed by beginners, and particularly appreciated by schools.

The MINIPLANE safety net on the FR model has been improved for easier use.

Ready to upgrade.
Miniplane FR is also ready for mounting the rigid cage, generally preferred to use more efficient propellers of larger diameter, a choice that pilots prefer when they have gained the necessary experience.

If you intend to change the size of the propeller or mount the rigid cage in the future you can read some informations here 

The FR chassis is designed for both ABM and PSF solutions, you may change from one solution to another by replacing the harness, arms and some accessories.

The basic version of FR ABM is equipped with the classic harness and wooden propeller, but you may order with the Light harness and the composite prop too.

Miniplane ABM LIGHT HARNESS is availlable, read more about Light Harness here.

The FR chassis is designed for both ABM and PSF solutions, it is possible to change from one system to another without changing the frame.


Data sheet

Propeller Size
115 cm
125 cm
Tank Capacity
12 l