TOP80 Engine

TOP80 Engine

In many years of production the TOP80 has gained an enviable reputation and has always remained competitive with continuous updates..

In the latest version we offer there are some noticeable new features, e.g. the anti-corrosion anodizing of the new engine cases, that have a significant visual impact and will better protect the engine in the harshest environments.

The new casings are lighter, some redesigned details and a study of internal flows have made it possible to improve the operating stability and efficiency of the engine.

The anti-corrosion anodizing of the new engine cases have a significant visual impact, but especially they will better protect the engine in the harshest environments.

The extensive use of 3D design and the creation of details with professional 3D printers was essential to produce development prototypes and supply some small but important engine components.

The TOP80, the complete engine, weighs only 10.60 kg.

We offer now 3 different carburetors.

- A Tillotson diaphragm carburettor that is specially made for us with technical solutions for the TOP80. With 2 setting screws for a super accurate carburetion adjustment, can perfect adaptat the engine response to the characteristics requested by the pilot, both for prompt acceleration and a regular speed with significantly reduced consumption.

This carburetor is equiped with an original priming system, the first starting after a long garage rest has never been so easy.

- The Walbro WG8 remains a good choice for its ease of use and adjustment.

- A further choice that is now accessible to all pilots is the Dell'Orto bowl carburettor, which we have experimented with for many years and which has given us extraordinary results in competitions.

The bowl carburettor allows for significant savings on consumption with great regularity of operation which is certainly welcome on long flights, which is why it is the solution we recommend in the Miniplane LR.

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