Miniplane paramotor catalog 2023.

You can find here the new models FR with flexible cage and LR rigid cage, along with the Classic model improved with some updates.

There are numerous steps forward in the new models.

The LR and FR frames in both PSF and ABM versions are designed with new sizes and new geometries to offer better comfort to the pilot, with reduced section tubes, better aerodynamic shape, extraordinary mechanical resistance especially of the central part of the frame, built with a flat back surface without protruding details to protect the pilot in the event of a fall.

Know more about PFS and ABM system.

Construction technique is based on CNC machining to guarantee manufacturing precision and great interchangeability of components and spare parts.

With a new exclusive low-drag drop section of the protective arch, made of high-strength aluminum alloy, we obtain high solidity and shape stability with an enviable lightness.

For the most demanding pilots the Miniplane LR 150 is also available with a titanium cage.

The renewed version of the TOP80 has been improved with many construction innovations, with new gear ratios can fit larger, more efficient and quieter propellers. see more


The new Miniplane LR and FR in the ABM version were developed together with the Miniplane LIGHT harness, with new adjustment solutions to adapt it to pilots of different sizes and different position or handling/stability needs. see more


To enhance some particular features of the Miniplane we will soon make special versions available such as the Silent Pack, Light Pack and Thermal Kit.
The new Miniplane paramotors consume less fuel and are quieter, respecting nature and neighbors, give new possibilities of use to heavier pilots and faster paragliders

A new HT diaphragm carburettor made to our specifications is fitted as standard, with two adjustment screws for very accurate carburetion at all revs, thus obtaining a prompt response and reduced consumption, with the possibility of adjusting the carburetion in flight with an accessory soon available on request.

The WG diaphragm carburettor is still available on request, which many customers like for its easy adjustment.

The solution that enhances the LR features and his philosophy is the PHV bowl carburettor, which with the experience acquired in the numerous victories in international competitions claim an unparalleled power curve and regularity of use, together with very low consumption..

Miniplane LR 150 18 with bowl carburattor is the first standard paramotor which, in combination with suitable equipment, allows for over 400 km of no stop range.

To help you with your choice we have prepared this table : Miniplane versions click here

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