Miniplane Light Harness


We have created this harness together with the new LR frame with the same objectives: to improve aerodynamic characteristics, reduce weight and maintain a level of comfort to allow long flights.

Another goal was to extend the adjustment possibilities to be able to adapt the harness to the different physical measurements of the pilot but also to be able to adapt the adjustments to different dynamic piloting behaviors.

Particular attention was paid to obtaining a comfortable feeling on the ground and an easy transition to a sitting position after take-off.

To do this we have applied some new adjusting  solutions such as the length of the back and the upper attachment point to the frame, which together allow an adjustment of about 8 cm, and an unprecedented solution : the height of the seat, comparing the attachment point.

The spacer (red) inserted between the belt and the buckle adjusts the length of the vertical belt between the seat and the attachment point.

2 spacers of 2, 4 and 5 cm are supplied, on request we can provide other measures .


As well as some adjustments such as the anti-torque and the shoulder straps which are facilitated by new buckles that are very effective and easy to reach even in flight.

Adjustments are very quick and precise.

The set of these adjustments allows to cover many measures, at the moment we only foresee one harness size.

These solutions are greatly appreciated by schools that will be able to quickly adapt the machine to different student sizes and pilots who can thus choose between a more active or more stable handling, mainly by adjusting the height of the center of gravity in relation to the wing and the the anti-torque belts lenght.

2 voluminous side pockets, elastic and closed by a zipper are very easy to reach and can hold everything you need for long flights.

The under seat pocket  is equipped with an adjustable internal elastic that serves to adapt the volume to the content, in order to avoid unsightly swellings that damage the aerodynamic profile

With extensive use of dyneema high tenacity belts and particularly resistant fabrics we have reduced the weight up to 2 kg!
A carbon seat bord is also availlable, the weight saving is around 200 grams !

Despite the decrease in weight, the design and construction technique with toroidal seams made it possible to pass the load tests with values at least 50% higher than the previous model.

setting instructions here


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