The MINIPLANE FR is a basic paramotor with flex cage specifically designed to be used as a first machine.

It is built with pilots starting their flight adventure in mind, to facilitate the learning phases with solutions tested over many years and with important improvements compared to previous models.

It is designed to offer greater freedom of movement and greater adjustment possibilities to adapt to personal needs.

The MINIPLANE Flexible Cage, standard in this model, has always been appreciated for its simplicity of construction, with strong, lightweight components that allow for easy and inexpensive repairs, a feature welcomed by beginners, and particularly appreciated by schools.

The MINIPLANE FR's safety net has been improved for easier use.

The LR and FR frame compared to the CLASSIC frame is sturdier in the central part and has a separate foot (lower part of the frame ) that is easily replaceable:

-to change the size of the cage

-and also in case of damage, certainly cheaper than replacing the entire frame,

The FR frame is identical to the LR, with the same measurements, in addition it has the fixing points for mounting the  M and L flexible cage, respectively for 115 or 125 (possible 130) cm propellers.

Thinking for future developments it is prepared for the assembly of the 140 and 150 cm rigid cage

The Miniplane FR version is the first and only paramotor that can be assembled with 2 types of protection cage, without major modifications to the structure.

The special version FR is already prepared for the assembly of the rigid cage of any size, recommended for using larger propellers, which offer better performance for the most demanding pilots.

You may ask this version adding a note on the end of the order form.

Before to order the FR special version you may know more : click here.

The FR chassis is designed for both ABM and PSF solutions. to know more click here

It comes standard with 12 liters tank and wood propeller.

The latest improved version of the TOP80 is part of the kit of this paramotor.

After many years of production in which the TOP80 has gained an enviable reputation, there are many improvements in the new upgrades.

Some features easily stand out, for example the anti-corrosion anodizing of the new engine cases have a significant visual impact, but especially they will better protect the engine in the harshest environments.

The new casings are lighter and some redesigned details have made it possible to improve the operating stability and efficiency of the engine.

The extensive use of 3D design and the creation of details with professional 3D printers was essential to supply some small but important engine and chassis components.

The new elastic handle on this model, inspired by the pilot Michel Carnet is called "à la Carnet", allows very easy starting even in flight.

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