This is one of the jewels that contributed to the Miniplane success. 

The Miniplane throttle control was born when most manufacturers still had unsafe hand made handles.

After many years (20 at the time of writing *) it still remains the only one with unsurpassed characteristics:

- Lightweight, only 140 grams

- Robust, it can withstand accidental tractions without damage, much more than any competitor, damaged control cable is the main cause of accidents on the ground

- dustproof, dust in the control cable is the cause of most malfunctions

- easily repairable, all components are assembled with simple tools

- adaptable right/left

- different wire lengths available

For safety reasons the Miniplane handle is NOT equipped with cruise control.

For particular needs the owner can easily modify it himself by assuming the responsibility.


The name Miniplane is not a coincidence. 

In line with the objective of essentiality and effectiveness that guided the development of the Miniplane, we created this essential pilot/machine interface component.

No useless accessories, no red herrings, only ergonomic practicality.

It seems incredible how revolutionary there was in this simple handle, before it there were very frequent aborted take-offs due to entangled lines and lack of sensitivity or, worse, accidents caused by transport damage

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