The MINIPLANE Long Range paramotor is designed based on the long experience acquired by the company Per Il Volo over the last 30 years as manufacturer.

Long Range is designed to improve performance by making the most of the aerodynamic characteristics associated with the construction choices reserved for this model.

The best performance of the Long Range is achieved into a lower consumption that allows you to make flights longer, higher and with less weight.

With a new exclusive drop low drag profile of the protective arch, made of high-strength aluminum alloy, we obtain high solidity and shape stability with an enviable lightness.

The complete frame 140 size weight only 3000 grams ! (arms not included).

With these features we can mount large diameter propellers, more efficient than previous versions, allow the legendary TOP80 engine to offer new possibilities of use to heavier pilots and faster paragliders.

Miniplane LR is built in various versions, to accommodate the tank of 11 liters or larger (currently 18 liters) whith over 65% more autonomy.

The central part of the frame is designed with new measures and is made with a new production system that guarantees better precision, so that the spare parts are more easily adaptable.

ABM 140 12 PSF 150 18

The same frame is used for the PSF version (high hang point with J-shaped arms) and for the ABM version (our very copied S-shaped tilting system) both with a new design that give much more space for the pilot to move.

Know more about ABM and PSF system click here

   The 4 parts propeller protection arch is  very easy and quick to assemble and dismantle.

For the 150 model (propeller 140 cm) with 18 liter tank, the titanium cage is also available with a small increase in weight of only 280 grams.

A new HT carburetor made to our specifications is fitted as standard, with two adjustment screws for very accurate carburetion at all revs, thus obtaining a prompt response and reduced consumption, with the possibility of adjusting the carburetion in flight with an accessory soon available on request.

The WG carburettor is still available on request, which many customers like for its easy adjustment.

The solution that enhances the LR features and his philosophy is the PHV bowl carburettor, which with the experience acquired in the numerous victories in international competitions claim an unparalleled power curve and regularity of use, together with very low consumption.

Miniplane LR is the first standard paramotor which, in combination with suitable equipment, allows for over 400 km of no stop range.

improvements over previous models :

- new design

- the frame is made with 16 mm diameter high strenght alluminium alloy tubes instead of 20 mm

- ring low drag drop profile section 10x22 mm 

- The central part of the frame is built in 2 sizes to accommodate the 12 or 18 liter tank,

- both size are identical for the ABM or PSF version and to mount the 140 or 150 cm aluminium or titanium protection cage,

- cage arc sections are the same for 12 and 18, ABM or PSF (different for 140 or 150 diameter)

- S ABM arms and J PSF bars are redesigned to give the pilot more space and freedom

- the 4-section cage design leaves more room for the pilot's arms to move, for better flying sensations

- frame is 2 cm more width on central part, To increase this width, 1 and 2 cm spacers are available for ABM arms

- an extensive use of CNC technology is used for the production of the frames

- the CNC welding jigs allows the components to be reproduced without errors, to guarantee perfect compatibility of the spare parts

- fast and easy assembling of the cages, the entire protective arch is held in place by carbon fiber fittings and stopped by 5 velcro, 2 butterfly screws, 2 pins, does not require tools to assemble or disassemble it

- to reduce dimensions during transport, the fast way  is to get off only the upper half of the cage in a few seconds.

By removing the entire 4 parts cage and the foot, the dimensions are truly compact.
The 4 sections cage can be safely stored in the appropriate transport bag.

The front bulk can be reduced by folding the ABM arms upwards or removing the PSF arms.


The latest improved version of the TOP80 is part of the kit in this paramotor.

After many years of production in which the TOP80 has gained an enviable reputation, there are many improvements in the new upgrades.

Some features easily stand out, for example the anti-corrosion anodizing of the new engine cases have a significant visual impact, but especially they will better protect the engine in the harshest environments.

The new casings are lighter and some redesigned details have made it possible to improve the operating stability and efficiency of the engine.

Possible mount basin carburator (the same we use for competition), with the most recent improvements, consumption is much reduced and power is higher, with a very regular torque curve compared to previous versions.

The extensive use of 3D design and the creation of details with professional 3D printers was essential to supply some small but important engine and chassis components.

more about the engine

The new elastic handle  , inspired by the pilot Michel Carnet is called "à la Carnet", make the starting easy even in flight.

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