The characteristics of the MINIPLANE LR chassis merge with this engine of exceptional power.

The SKY 150 cc engine with carbon propeller.

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The SKY 150 is a motor that adapts perfectly to our new LR frame, to obtain a paramotor with excellent characteristics, balanced and easy to use, in line with the MINIPLANE philosophy

There are so many enviable features of this machine:

- more thrust than any other paramotor with similar weight

- excellent progressive power curve, very controllable, smooth engine at all revs

- very easy to start

- low vibrations

- reduced consumption

- low weight, very balanced and comfortable on the ground and in flight

thrust close to 80 Kg with a 130 cm propeller and over 85 Kg with a 140 cm propeller
weight 26 KG with standard ABM Miniplane harness
very low consumption (bowl carburettor)

Some features of the SKY 150 engine:

- liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine with natural circulation circuit (without pump)

- bowl carburettor

- mechanical gear box with centrifugal clutch

- right-handed prop rotation (counterclockwise torque)

- maximum power 28 HP at 10000 rpm


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130 cm
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